Five central guidelines

Here you’ll find details of the main tools for creating recognition and consistency for the ‘Brand Sweden’ identity. Let them form the basis of your work.

1. Flag

The flag is the most important symbol.
By using it consistently in all communication over a longer period of time, the flag will be associated with Sweden and the country’s positive attributes.

The flag should be associated with innovation, good design and courage. But it must never change shape or be reinvented. We take a consistent approach to the flag, using the Swedish colours and the exact same cross that has existed ever since 19 April 1562.


2. Blue and yellow

The main colours are Sweden Yellow Standard and Sweden Blue Standard.

Sweden Yellow Standard is ideal for use on large areas. Use it to cover a double spread or as a background colour on social platforms. For typographic items, icons, dashes and markings, Sweden Blue Standard works better.

More about the colors


3. Uncompromising minimalism

Always strive for a simple, minimalist look. Powerful. Avoid anything that feels complicated and messy.

For example, use a single, all-encompassing picture instead of several small ones.

Link to design example


4. Maximise using Sweden Sans

The Sweden Sans typeface is one of the strongest identity carriers. Maximise its effect by using lots of space and clear contrasts. Try making the text slightly larger than you had originally intended...

More about Sweden Sans


5. An exciting direction

Sweden can always be seen in relation to other places, either geographically or more philosophically. Using dashes and dynamic patterns, we can create and convey a relevant and, at the same time, unique image of Sweden.

Use it to create a unique look. Let your imagination run free and create a design based on the relationship Sweden has to your particular project.

About patterns